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I love family reunions.  Oh, wait, except for airplanes, now those REALLY suck. You’re just sitting in a seat between two people with no where to put your feet and when you’re sitting down in a chair for several hours. Just makes you want to SCREAM! Then there’s the whole other matter of all the altitude changing that makes you feel dizzy, heavy, and makes your ears pop. At least it wasn’t a red eye though. Last time I went on on one of those things it was all I could do to not kick all the chairs and start crying. Thing is, it is physically impossible for me to sleep on an airplane.

At least the reunion was fun. Grandma and Grandpa Willis took Lucy and I to a reunion of grandpa’s relatives that occurs every two years and I missed the last one so there was lots of catching up. The fun part was I had two 2nd cousins that were pretty close to my age, Kaylee and Travis. At the traditional “unscheduled” water fight it was an uneven fight of two on one me and Kaylee against Travis. All three of us by the end of it had no dry piece of clothing to speak of on our bodies and the conflict between Kaylee, Travis and I ended with him sitting at a table, declaring surrender. But when he saw the 20 or so gallon container full to the brim with icy water……… lets just say he was hard to keep pinned to the ground as the bucket came down.

There were many other really fun gatherings over the course of the reunion with lots of super fun games. On Sunday our little group of Lucy Grandma Grandpa Dad and I opted, instead of going to church to go see the tabernacle choir do their weekly broadcast. It was truly enchanting; it’s a totally different experience to actually hear them in real life.

Okay, since Utah only took up a quarter of the month I shall go to my mental record of things I thought to be funny in this month’s events and on the top is something actually involving our trip. At the beginning of the swim season my mom sent our coach the email that she sends all of our coaches at the beginning of the year explaining that we cannot go to Sunday events. This one was a little different from the norm however because she also explained that Lucy and I would not be present for divisionals (big final meet of the year) because of a trip. Then I had a rockin’ year getting all firsts with a few seconds a one third place in all my races. In divisionals only the top swimmers get to swim and your lucky if you are allowed to swim one event. I was elected to swim four. This was a huge disappointment. I apologized to my coach when I reached the pool that afternoon and he said it was fine. Our assistant coach, Andy, on the other hand started berating me for my absence and asked me what I was doing in Utah. I told him and he inquired if I would see the Tabernacle Choir and we both praised them. Then he came to the conclusion that if we lost by 0-10 points it would be someone else’s fault we lost. If we lost by 11-30 points (I normally get us 30 points per meet) it would be my fault. I then thought it appropriate to ask what would happen to me if we lost by exactly 30 points. He said, “You’re dead, the whole Tabernacle Choir could not save you, you’re dead!” he later revised this saying he would never speak to me again because killing me would be too easy. This is doubtless the reason my paper plate award was “ The I’m really lucky we won at divisionals because if we had lost Coach Andy would have never talked to me again and that would have been sad because Andy is really funny and hearing him laugh would have been really bad Award”. Personally, I just feel bad for whoever had to read that because I know I would certainly be out of breath.

Again about Utah, I had no idea that my dad was actually sick until I read his letter half an hour ago. This simply testifies how uninformed I am about what goes on in the house I live in. another note, if you have read my dads letter you know that he is complaining about the water bill. NOT. MY. FAULT!!!!! I always shower at the pool with mom. It’s probably Lucy who will suddenly remember that three days a go she went to the pool and did not shower immediately after and immediately runs to the shower completely forgetting that she swam earlier that day and had showered right after that. So dad, read that right there and leave me alone. One last closing note, Savoir of the world was awesome and I too was very impressed by the makeup, I didn’t know a person could look that old. Anyways, I had a good month, hope you did too!



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Here are some old pictures of me.

I don’t really look like this anymore. But my Dad makes me keep them here.

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