Something is Rotten...

Hannah ó Outdoor Education 2008

†††††††††††††††† Every public middle school in Montgomery County has a program for sixth graders called Outdoor Education. Each school, one at a time, takes two trips, splitting the 6th grade in two, on a two mile hike to the smith center where everyone is assigned a cabin to sleep in for the next three days and two nights. We all would have a rotation of four different activities during our stay, Stream Study, Orienteering, Predator/Prey, and the Confidence Course (Predator/Prey I think was my favorite). They were all supposed to teach us something but the only real thing I learned was from Orienteering, how to use a map and compass. The rest was all games and splashing in muddy water. Stream Study was just catching things in the stream with nets, looking at them, and letting them go. Orienteering was looking around for things marked on the map using a compass. Confidence Course was doing all sorts of difficult teamwork activities. And last but not least there was Predator/Prey where everyone was an herbivore, an omnivore, or a carnivore. Then every one would have to find food and water markers and avoid being eaten. Everyday we had an hour or so of free time that I used to look around and waste my camera battery. There were lots of things to do, but unfortunately we only got free time in the burning hot time of day, AKA noon. In the mornings we had to clean our cabins to be inspected by the nurse. She would give you a grade out of 15 and if you scored ten or lower you failed and had to clean it during free time. All of the girls passed, but all of the boys failed. Let us take a moment to consider that for a little shall we. I just thought that was funny. However donít lead yourself to believe that we were completely cut off from the school world. We had to do a project thingy majigger there that was going to be graded. We had to perform a skit with one of the PBIS things, respect, responsibility, or positive relationship-building. Ours was respect and positive relationship-building. We were all disrespectful, unkind animals living on a mountain. We had the funniest arguments in which I got dragged across the floor and there was some extremely hilarious slapstick. And guess what, my group got first place, because it was also a contest as well as grade, and we all got gift cards! I mean, and it wasnít even well planned we just had storyboard and barely any rehearsing, so it was pretty cool.

Text Box: The following is Hannahís unabridged, unedited account of her Outdoor Education experience, April 21-23, 2008, in Rockville, Maryland. Even though it isnít very long, she apologizes for its detail in her cover e-mail to me: 
ďhere it is, kinda detailed but i loved outdoor ed so what cani say?Ē
I think itís great, even though I still have no idea why people who are well versed in rules of grammar and syntax refuse to apply them when composing e-mail messages. Obviously Hannahís just trying to fit in.
I got a call from a reporter at our little local-yokel newspaper (itís called The Washington Post ó you may have heard of it) asking for permission to use a picture of Hannah in an upcoming story about the program. If youíre interested, here is a link to that story.
Hereís Hannah:
Text Box: Hannah on the right
Text Box: None of these girls is Hannah, but I think thatís her bunk.