Something is Rotten...

Snowmageddon  — February 2010

Photo documentation of “Snowmageddon”: the back-to-back snowstorms that crushed us on Feb. 5-6 and 9-10, 2010.

(Not to be confused with “Snowpocalypse” — the 20-inch event that buried us on December 18-19, 2009.)

Text Box: It’s hard to say what the cumulative total of the two storms was. Five or six inches of the first storm had melted (or sublimated, or whatever) before the second storm rolled through. Depths varied significantly, even within our own backyard.

This official measurement—of the snow that accumulated on our deck table—was taken the day after the second storm. This is obviously somewhat less than the combined snowfall from the two storms—which would bury the yardstick entirely.
Text Box: Lucy harbored fantasies of diving off the deck and taking a swim in the snow. 

This is about as far as she got.
Text Box: The view from north window of our master bedroom.

I don’t know why the basketball net full of snow cracks me up, but it does.
Text Box: Grace (left) and Sophie (above) conquer the snow mountains in the front yard. 
Text Box: View from the backyard.
Text Box: Grace: “I forgot my gloves...and my hat...and my coat.”
Text Box: Lucy
Text Box: Front porch: Hard to tell, but it has three steps.
Text Box: Lucy
Text Box: For Sale: 
2005 Toyota Avalon. 39,000 miles. Blue exterior, Gray leather interior.
No apparent accelerator problems.
Text Box: Lucy (in Harry Potter robe) and Hannah (in t-shirt) and Ghanaian-American next-door neighbor (dressed appropriately).  
Text Box: Hannah
Text Box: Grace
Text Box: Happy Valentine’s Day anyway! 
(Grace seems to think that “say cheese” means, “open your eyes as widely as you possibly can.”)