Something is Rotten...

Willis Girls Summer tour — July-Aug. 2010

Palmyra, N.Y.

Smith Farm

Sacred Grove

Palmyra Temple

Hill Cumorah

Sophie and Grace apply glue to the binding of a copy of the Book of Mormon at the Grandin building.

Kirtland, Ohio

Upstairs in Bishop Whitney’s Store (where some neat things happened)

Nauvoo, Ill.

Sophie pets an ox.


Pre-pageant pioneer games

(Girls could’ve played all day)

Boise, Idaho (and environs)

Sophie, ice-blocking

Rick attempts to show me how to shoot a gun...

...I now have 14 of these stashed under my bed, so watch out burglars...

...because my 8-year-old daughter’s a natural!

At the reservoir whose name I can never remember, Hannah goal-tends my otherwise good shot...

… while Sophie water-skis (Hannah’s a good wake-boarder, but we didn’t get any pictures of that).

This, I believe, is the closest lodging to the reservoir. (It’s also just down the street from the Cambridge Ward).


We didn’t stay here. (We camped on the beach, instead.)


Obviously we should have.

And finally, on the off chance you’ve been trying to read what those green shirts say...